Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'll Have So Much To Tell You About It

I love Fleet Foxes. More specifically, I love Robin Pecknold. Why? Well, to be honest, because I've heard he's an ultra shy guy and I can totally relate to the hellhole that is a shy life. Regardless, when I was home over the weekend I took some time out to read the most recent issue of Rolling Stone and found myself enamored at the Fleet Foxes article. It wasn't even anything special, but I guess what really stuck out was one part where it mentions the meaning behind the song, "Grown Ocean." Now, I'm not going to slap any specific claim on who said it (cause I don't remember and the magazine is at my parent's house, 3 hours away), but it was mentioned that "Grown Ocean" was about a dream where Pecknold is no longer socially anxious...and I think that's gorgeous.

Sometimes I understand the sentiment behind bands not telling the meaning to their music, but other times I think it makes the songs richer and fuller in worth and meaning. So, assuming this is true (I mean...RS wouldn't publish it if it wasn't...right?), and "Grown Ocean" is about the dream of overcoming social anxiety...well, that's just incredible. I concur Mr. Pecknold, and I hope that I too will one day awake from this because I have so much to tell.

Fleet Foxes - Grown Ocean from Fleet Foxes on Vimeo.

I know someday the smoke will all burn off
All these voices I'll someday have turned off
I will see you someday when I've woken
I'll be so happy just to have spoken
I'll have so much to tell you about it

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