Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Well, here I be.

After a tumultuously busy year and the encouragement of a friend (and fellow blogger, Erin), I have decided to join the self-indulgent masses and create a blog so that I can talk about anything I think is relevant or interesting. But since you probably don't know me, here is a small crasher course on me:

Some basics:
My name is Natalie.
I'm 20 years old (almost 21).
I am a burnt out college student, currently finishing up my "junior" year.
I live in Louisville, KY...but am originally from a Podunk town in Eastern Kentucky.
I promise this smile wasn't as forced and painful as it looks...

I have eclectic art interests/passions that include, but are not limited to: music, theatre, film, visual art (specifically, painting and drawing), and reading/writing.

I like to talk about serious things regarding life frequently and I value youthful maturity and intelligence... At the same time, though, I'm a hugely sarcastic cynic with a bad sailor's mouth who thinks that life should never be taken too seriously and tries to find humor in almost everything.

I am very ambitious and hopeful with regard to my future, even if I have a bad tendency to sound like the world's biggest pessimist. I also consider myself to be a misanthrope...which is frustrating, because I don't necessarily want to hate people, they just make it hard to like them.

I'm a huge My Morning Jacket fan...just letting you know up front, because there is a slight possibility that I might talk about their music here and there. Or just reference them as being BAMF's and a complete and total inspiration to me.

I mean...goddamn...just listen to them...

Uh...what else...I'm an actor, a theatre major. I may talk about things regarding plays or courses or etc./whatever in regard to all that.

Other than all that I've listed (and excluding the fact that I consider myself to be a uniquely interesting individual--maybe that's just wishful thinking?), I'm pretty much your average 20-something , young woman who is trying to find her way in the world and make sense of it all on the way.....and maybe have someone read this blog on the way, too(?).

Yeah. That's all I got.

...oh wait, just kidding. You can also find me here:
Facebook ...maybe one day I'll return to Facebook, but for now my account has been "deleted" (a.k.a. deactivated) for a month, and I'm happy with it.

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  1. yay, im glad you got one. sometimes i want to get personal on mine but i don't want people knowing my damn business. SEE YOU SOON!